Thermal Drone Imaging

In the past, a roof inspection was performed using very low-tech methods, walking the roof and looking for problems. This would very often result in inaccurate inspection results and missed problems.

Over time, these missed problems, whether they are leaks or damp insulation, could end up costing much more to fix in the long run. It is for this reason that we utilize the latest in thermal imaging technology to perform our inspections.

Using drones equipped with infrared scanners to get an aerial view of the commercial structure allows us to fully see the building, any hot and cold spots, and pinpoint where we need to do further investigation to find the exact problems as well as the cause.

Infrared Scans

Infrared scans use thermal imaging to detect areas of heat, which can be seen as color variations in the videos, to create a clear image of the roof conditions. Scans made with thermal imaging cameras offer a significant advantage in the roofing industry. We use these infrared scans to inspect commercial roofs, apartment complexes, and large structures to help property managers and owners make important roof asset management decisions. Any property owner knows, it is impossible to make an informed decision if you do not have enough information and it is our goal to provide as much information about the roofs as possible to help make the most informed decision possible.

Advantages of Infrared Thermography

Infrared images can detect areas of moisture infiltration, leaks, and hot spots in commercial roofing systems. When specific areas of the roof remain hotter than the surrounding areas after the sun has gone down, this indicates that water has infiltrated the insulation. The degree of saturation and size of the affected areas can indicate whether the repair is possible or if the roof needs to be replaced. This information helps building owners and property managers make sound roof management decisions. Infrared scans allow for:

  • Faster inspections
  • Better accuracy
  • Affordable leak detection
  • Reliable information
  • Smart decision making

Prior to the development of drone technology, infrared imaging was cost-prohibitive, requiring too much time and money to be efficiently used in commercial roof inspections. The ability to fly a drone with an infrared camera back and forth over a commercial building enables our experts to create infrared scans of the entire roof of a large commercial or industrial building. A thorough roof inspection that would have taken days in the past can be completed in a couple of hours. The information provided by infrared scans is far more detailed and reliable than can be ascertained through the average visual methods of roof inspection. An inspector could spend hours, or even days, walking on a large commercial or industrial facility roof and still not provide a picture as clear as can be developed after a few hours of scanning with a drone.