Commercial Roof Maintenance and Replacement Budgeting

If you’ve got a commercial property or are a property manager, it is important that you can accurately create a budget for regular roof maintenance or the eventual replacement of the roof.

This is not possible if you do not know the current state of your roof or roofs across your properties. When you work with a roof consultant, it is possible to get a thorough inspection of the roof and all the information necessary to develop a proper budget for preventive maintenance of the roofs on the property as well as planning for when the roof will need to be replaced.

Roofing Project Planning

In order to help you plan a successful roofing maintenance or replacement project, we provide pre-bid consulting services for roof specifications. After we have completed a thorough roof inspection, we can define, plan, and schedule all aspects of your commercial roofing or building envelope system.

Our team of professionals offers expert design recommendations, materials, suppliers, and bid documentation. Once the design and list of qualified suppliers and contractors are in place, we create customized bid documents to address all aspects of your project. We will develop a unique set of roof specifications that are explicitly for your project, rather than using proprietary specifications from a supplier that may not be suitable for your job.

We provide information about the requirements for installation, expectations for performance, and a project schedule to enhance contractor responsibility and accountability to ensure quality workmanship. We create bid documents that include:

A traditional roof inspection is performed by an inspector who walks on the roof and will look for signs of damage and water infiltration. This can result in missed roof cues and will provide limited information about what is happening below the surface of the roof. We have seen roofs that appear to be dry at first but actually have water penetrating the insulation below. Using thermal imaging drones to accurately assess the condition of your commercial roofs, we can perform a much better evaluation which will lead to reduced costs of maintenance and repairs over time.

  • Total RFP and RFQ packages
  • General solicitation letters
  • Performance and proprietary roof specifications
  • Transmittal, submittal, and request forms
  • General bid formats and cost breakdowns
  • Design and build requirements
  • Forms for vendor qualification
  • Construction contracts and agreements
  • Financial, draw, loan, and bond forms
  • Government compliance and regulatory statements
  • Bid analysis matrices and summaries
  • Other documents, as needed