Commercial Roof Consultants

If you own a commercial building or any type of larger property in the Southeastern US, you know it can be a large task to deal with roofing projects. Whether that is repair, maintenance, or installation of a roof, it can be time-consuming to have inspections completed as well as find the best contractors and companies to work with.

By working with local and experienced commercial roofing consultants, we will help you determine what types of roofing services and roofing systems you need for your property, work with you to help set your roofing budget, and use our network of trusted roofing industry professionals to put you in touch with a contractor that can properly perform the job within your specified budget. Let RCI perform the analysis so your repair or replacement project is successful.

You should work with a commercial roof consultant for your project if:

If you are a property manager or owner of multiple buildings, our commercial roofing consultants will work as an intermediary between you and the roofing contractor to both ensure you get the correct job completed and the roofer is doing the job as they should. We partner with you to ensure your projects are successful.

Our primary goals are to assess, inspect, evaluate, and understand the current problems with your roof or roofs, work directly with both you and a roofing contractor to determine what type of roof work needs to be completed, and monitor the job being done to be certain it will satisfy your roofing needs. Leverage our knowledge and expertise to assist and help manage your contractors and installers.

Our Commercial Roof Consultation Services

Our company offers the following services to all types of property managers or commercial building owners to help with your roofing consultation needs.

Commercial Roofing Inspection

An expert condition assessment and inspection helps us find any problem areas and allows us to make a comprehensive report of what needs to be done.

Thermal Drone Imaging

By using drones to perform thorough thermal imaging analysis and an infrared inspection our team can determine the problem areas of any roof with minimal effort.

Roof Maintenance and Replacement Budgeting

We can evaluate the roof on your property and work with you to create a budget for completing preventive maintenance and planning for replacement or repair.

Commercial Roofing Project Management

When it comes time for maintenance work or replacement to be done, we can help manage the project to be sure the job you need is completed on time and within budgetary constraints.

How Our Commercial Roofing Consultants Will Help

Our team of commercial roofing consultants is able to provide valuable analysis and useful information regarding your commercial or industrial roof. We can help commercial property owners, managers, architects, and engineers make decisions about replacing or servicing their roofs by providing better resources for asset management. Using the latest in infrared drone thermography provides a better examination of the roofing surface than a walk-through or visual inspection. With more than 30 years of roof consulting experience, our professionals know what information is most useful to our clients.

We understand that every property, roof, and situation is different. With that in mind, we are able to provide our clients with services that are as needed or part of an ongoing service contract. This allows our clients to have the most cost-effective level of services for their specific circumstances. Commercial and industrial properties are able to benefit from having a roofing consultant provide the analysis that will help them tackle large and small problems that can reduce risk and the cost of resolving those problems.

Contact us today with any roofing service questions for your business. If you would like to speak with previous customers, we would be happy to connect you for a reference.